She Wanders

Born: 48°57′25″N 54°36′32″W

Currently found: 45°25′15″N 75°41′24″W

You make me speechless, but as a writer, if I have no words than I have nothing. So instead I will spend my days with my hands sliding up and down the spines of books, and scrawling my feelings onto page after page until this ache subsides.

Stumbling out of the bushes, and into the sunlight, she was disoriented. It was like she had been hiding in the darkness for days. Love had blinded her from the truth. Her surroundings became glitter and gold dust, and smelled of perfume and cotton candy. She had slipped out of night fall and into the sun, and recognized the world around her as the barren wasteland it was before she draped herself in lace and Egyptian cotton.